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CIS 3 Hexemol

We provide Pure CIS 3 Hexenol, which has strong grassy odor like a freshly cut leaves. Being a reliable manufacturer and supplier in India of Leaf Alcohol, an aromatic chemical found as colorless oily liquid, we ensure that customers are served with premium quality products developed in compliance with the market standards. We supply Cis-3-Hexenol chemical for the companies requiring it as flavor and fragrance raw materials. The compound is produced by plants in small amounts to attract variety of predatory insects ideal for pollination. Our advanced laboratory and professionals together enables us to carry out the production of CIS 3 Hexenol Leaf Alcohol, so as to meet the requirement of diverse industrial segments. It is stable and available in well-packed container that helps in quick and safe transportation. Pure and developed as per the international standards, the Leaf Alcohol that we offer is widely used in fruits, vegetables, and perfumes.