Stainless Steel Menthol Products

Menthol Products

The minty smell of menthol and the cooling sensation it provides makes it a popular choice for formulating various products ranging from pharmaceutical to personal care products. To cater to widespread use and utilization of menthol, we bring forward a refreshing and revitalizing array of Menthol Products for our consumers. From pharma grade pure menthol crystals & flakes to soothing peppermint, mentha crude oil and other mint oils, we present it all under this range. The random sized, needle like menthol crystals also find great favors among culinary experts for imparting a strong minty flavor to juices and desserts. All our Menthol Products are carefully tested for purity, safety and quality.

Product Features:

  • Both naturally derived and synthetic variants of menthol on offer
  • Can be applied topically to skin as per provided directions
  • Can be ingested or consumed in small dosages to prevent bloating, and treating muscle spasms, sore throat, etc.
  • All products are packed with calming and pain relieving properties