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Menthol Products

Avail from us premium grade Herbal Menthol Crystals, well-known for soothing cooling and refreshing effects owing to its strong and pleasant minty aroma. The crystal is obtained by freezing the distilled menthol oil to a temperature of -22 degree Celsius. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities enable us to manufacture these crystals in bulk and that too cost effectively.

This menthol Crystals are commonly used in cosmetics, balms, medicated creams, foots sprays pain relief, toothpaste, cooling products, shampoos, mouthwash, chewing gum, shaving cream, oral or throat spray, and cooling gel. With our premium quality Menthol Crystals, we are able to meet the needs of clients in the best possible manner.

We are a well-established exporter, manufacturer, and supplier in India offering Pure Menthol Crystals. Our product is widely demanded in the market owing to the high quality and competitive pricing. The Menthol Crystals Product that we offer is stable at room temperature and offers soothing cooling effect.
We develop Menthol Powder Flake from cornmint essential oil. Being a prominent exporter, manufacturer, and supplier in India, we ensure to serve pure powder flakes of Menthol in an air tight container. These flakes are applied in balms, cosmetics, and salves and useful in congestion, coughs, and various other types of respiratory problems. It can be stored up to the temperature of about 65-80 degrees, however excessive humidity harden it up.

Herbal Menthol Powder Flake is the solid constituent of the oil of the mint and was previously known as peppermint camphor. The flakes dissolve into alcohol or essential oil and also in water but not completely. Melting point of these flakes is up to111.2 deg. F. Owing to the content of Menthol; these flakes have strong pungent and distinctive odor and taste that provides cooling sensation when applied on the skin. Around 5-20% of the content in shampoo, shaving creams, balms and other can be menthol that offers refreshing effect on the face and body.
Our Natural Mentha Crude Oil is 70% soluble in alcohol. It is obtained through steam distillation process at our state-of-the-art processing unit, which is furnished with requisite tools and technologies. This Natural Cornmint Oil, an essential oil is widely grown as Mentha Arvensis, from which terpenes and other foreign matter is removed to make suitable to be used in perfumes and as flavoring agent. The oil is a colorless liquid varying from pale yellow to transparent and clear.

We offer this Natural Mentha Crude Oil in stable condition to our clients. Herein, this clients belongs to diverse industrial segments such as toothpaste, chewing gum, confectionery, pharmaceutical aid, and in raw material for the processing of menthol powder and crystals. Above all, we efficiently meet the clients packaging needs assuring air tight containers and drums. Timely delivery and competitive pricing are the key traits that give us edge over others in the market.

Uttam Steel Alloys Pvt. Ltd. is the principal company in the domain of Menthone Oil. We are formulating and offering finest quality Leavo Menthone Oil and Mint Menthone Oil. Our assortment of Menthone Oil is available in different proportions such as Menthone 70:30, Menthone 80:20, etc. Few of the specifications are as follows:


Boiling Point

210oC from HSDB






Little peppermint odor

Spectral Properties

Index Of Refraction is 1.4480-1.4520 @ 200C

Specific optical rotation: + OR-2o/DL-Form


Bitter from HSDB

Menthone is an organic compound which if found naturally. This is a ketone and a monoterpene, whose structure is connected to menthol. The wide use of Menthone is in cosmetics and perfumery, where it is demanded for its aromatic and minty odor. It also finds use as a natural pesticide in products. Its molecular formula is C10H18O. This compound is a well known constituent of the essential oils of Pelargonium geraniums, Mentha arvensis, pennyroyal, peppermint, and others. Although, this compound is present in these oils in a very less quantity. We use finest and precision techniques to pack Leavo Menthone Oil and Mint Menthone Oil, so that their aroma and properties are kept intact.