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Peppermint Oil

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Clear Liquid

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Mint Oil


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Natural Flavor & Fragrances

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Slightly Yellow


Flavor, Cosmetic

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We are manufacturing natural Peppermint oil, a few sniff of which can give you a good energy boost. Long known for aromatherapy uses, the pure herbs peppermint oil is also very helpful in untying the tension filled knots in your mind. While you are studying or working extremely hard in office, give yourself that essential boost of energy for which you were dependent on caffeine only.

Talking about the medical benefits of our pure herbs peppermint oil, it is very helpful in clearing congestion in the conditions of colds, or sinus infections. For this, the presence of menthol in the natural peppermint oil is to be thanked. You can also use the oil to treat headache. Just make a mixture of 2-3 drops of mint oil with olive or coconut oil and massage it into the temples.
We provide Dementholised Oil which finds extensive application in flavored liquor, cold rub oil, chewing gum, and others. Total menthol quantity in the oil is up to 50-55% that helps in keeping it in liquid form at room temperature. Prime constituents of our Dementholised Peppermint Oil are l-menthone, alpha pinene, l-limonene, isomenthone, neomenthol, beta pinene, and others. It is a natural that is derived from steam distillation process, and our professional team members ensure that every drop of oil is pure and in compliance with the market norms.

Our high quality Natural Dementholised Peppermint Oil is widely appreciated for high level of purity. Further, it is completely stable at room temperature and are used as flavoring agent and in perfumes. We have extensive processing unit and so produce Dementholised Peppermint Oil in bulk quantity so as to meet the large and small requirement of the customers. And when it comes to prices, we are highly competitive.