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Menthol Powders is best known as a natural white solid melted flake which procured from Mentha Arvensis Oil. Along with C10H20O as its chemical formula, it is usually available with 156.27 molecular weight. With a melting point of 40°C it is normally available in combinations according to the demand of the clients. We being the most renowned Pure Menthol Powder Manufacturer and Herbal Menthol Powder Supplier, of India. Our offered products are hygienically processed using peppermint and other mint oils. Our processed powder finds its application in various sectors such as food, pharmaceutical, perfumery and flavoring industry. Our esteemed clients can avail our product-line in different quantities packing as per their necessity. Some of the vital features of our product line are colorless to light yellow clear liquid, minty-refreshing & diffusive odor of moderate tenacity, refreshing cool, but also unpleasantly bitter taste. L-menthol content greater than 96% and the likes.

We develop Menthol Powder Flake from cornmint essential oil. Being a prominent exporter, manufacturer, and supplier in India, we ensure to serve pure powder flakes of Menthol in an air tight container. These flakes are applied in balms, cosmetics, and salves and useful in congestion, coughs, and various other types of respiratory problems. It can be stored up to the temperature of about 65-80 degrees, however excessive humidity harden it up.

Herbal Menthol Powder Flake is the solid constituent of the oil of the mint and was previously known as peppermint camphor. The flakes dissolve into  or essential oil and also in water but not completely. Melting point of these flakes is up to111.2 deg. F. Owing to the content of Menthol; these flakes have strong pungent and distinctive odor and taste that provides cooling sensation when applied on the skin. Around 5-20% of the content in shampoo, shaving creams, balms and other can be menthol that offers refreshing effect on the face and body.